Building & Managing Market-Leading Private Credit Opportunities

Montfort manages a diversified family of specialized private credit brands with efficient tech-enabled processes and experienced, focused management teams.

Private credit is a lucrative asset class of privately negotiated debt financing from non-bank lenders like Montfort’s group of companies.

Because Montfort acquires, manages, and builds companies that deliver private credit to diversified market segments, we offer equity investors access to an early stage private credit manager growth opportunity that was not easily accessible in the past. Plus, unlike our private company peers, our publicly traded company can offer:

  • Transparency

    Montfort investors have peace of mind with enhanced insight into our portfolio.

  • Flexibility

    As a public company, we have more flexible growth financing options available.

  • Creative expansion

    Becoming a part of a public company has attractive benefits for private companies.

  • Continuous operational improvement

    Our fintech platform enables active credit monitoring for market-leading returns.

The Montfort Model

We have a strong track record of underwriting and operating performance. In addition to strong overall operating performance across our group of companies, our fully realized investments and early exits have consistently outperformed underwriting.

The Montfort Model

Our Companies

Our mission is to create value for investors by leveraging our tech-enabled lending platform to provide private debt capital to growing businesses through our group of investment companies. Because our companies span multiple lending sectors, our model is resilient in its diversification.

Board of Directors

  • Howard Atkinson

    Howard Atkinson

  • David Demers

    David Demers

  • Paul Geyer

    Paul Geyer

  • Jan Lederman

    Jan Lederman

  • Thealzel Lee

    Thealzel Lee

  • Robert Napoli

    Robert Napoli

Investment Opportunities

Common Shares

Common shares represent equity ownership of private credit management company, providing a share of fee based profits. Trades on the TSX-V under the symbol MONT, and on the OTCQB under the symbol MONTF.

Preferred Shares

Trades on the TSX-V under the symbol offers an attractive yield while providing potential future upside participation in the common equity of the company. 8% annual dividend (2% per quarter) Converts to common shares at $1 per share

Investments in the securities of the Company are highly risky and should not be made on the basis of information presented on this website. This website does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Investors are referred to the entirety of the public disclosure record of the Company which is available on the Company’s profile on SEDAR at

  • Private Credit Investments

    We provide access to unique private credit investments— a rare but valuable part of a sound investment portfolio.

  • Fintech Platform

    Montfort’s proprietary fintech platform helps our subsidiaries locate and manage investments in ideal companies in an efficient way—maximizing returns to our shareholders.

  • Transparency

    A departure from the industry norm of ambiguity, Montfort as a public company, provides insights and ongoing quarterly reporting on all of our assets.

Our limited partnerships deliver exclusive investment opportunities built on a pool basis with a 10% target return. Investors gain downside protection with a preferred return structure and our unique active credit monitoring helps minimize losses.

Belco Private Capital is the exempt market dealer for the Timia Capital LP III. Kristen Kodric is a registered dealing representative of Belco.

Distributions may vary year to year based on changes to the net asset value of the limited partnership. There is no assurance that the partnership will make distributions at its targeted rate. This is a risky investment. Significant losses can occur in the portfolio if defaults occur with underlying investments.

  • Liquidity Potential

    Providing investors with the potential to request their capital redeemed on a quarterly basis. See OM for details.

    This is in marked contrast to traditional private credit investment funds that lock up your capital for years.

  • Experienced Fiduciaries

    Our investment committee—with an average of 25+ years of investing experience —combined with cutting-edge financial analysts and experienced on-the-ground operators sets our investments apart.

  • Low fees

    Montfort offers certain units without performance fees.

We are publicly traded on the TSX:V and OTC Markets.

Montfort Capital (TSXV: MONT / OTC: MONTF) manages a diversified family of specialized private credit brands that utilize focused and experienced management teams. Combined with advanced technology to improve fee related performance, Montfort facilitates transparency for all of its investors through public company reporting.