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Preferred opportunities for accredited investors.

Our currently available limited partnership delivers exclusive investment opportunities built on a pool basis with target returns up to 15%. Investors gain downside protection with a preferred return structure and our unique active credit monitoring helps minimize losses.

Montfort offers limited partnerships investments such as the TIMIA Capital III Preferred Return Fund, a U.S. denominated fund eligible for registered / tax deferred accounts that invests in software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) companies in North America, earning monthly payments in return.

For more information please contact:

Matthew Priebe
Director of Business Development
Email: matthewp@montfortcapital.com
Tel: 647-296-1994

  • Investments


TIMIA Capital’s limited partnership provides an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of North American technology companies that delivers attractive yields through monthly income distributions.

Liquid Potential

Provides accredited investors with the potential to redeem their capital on a quarterly basis. This is in marked contrast to traditional private credit investment funds that lock up your capital for years. See OM for details.

Experienced Fiduciaries

Our investment committee—with an average of 25+ years of investing experience —combined with cutting-edge financial analysts and experienced on-the-ground operators sets our investments apart.

Low Fees

Montfort offers certain units without performance fees.

Proactive Risk Management

At the Fund Level, subordinated capital provides a cushion for the preferred return units against loan losses. Gross return would need to fall by 35% before preferred return units are affected. Detailed quarterly reporting with full financial disclosures enhances portfolio transparency. At the Portfolio Level, our proprietary FinTech credit model manages underwriting exposure. Active Credit Monitoring of portfolio and continuous analysis of performance metrics provides the ability to act early.

Fund Overview

  • Target Return
    Class X: 13-15%
  • Management Fee
  • Performance Fee
    20% after 8% hurdle
  • Use of Leverage
    Cash management only
  • Minimum Investment
  • Fund Currency
  • Closing
  • Term
    10 Years
  • Distribution Reinvestment (DRIP)
  • Redemption
    Quarterly after 12 months
  • Eligibility
    Accredited Investors

Past results


  • 16.4% IRR
    net to investor since inception
  • 28%
    of investment from TIMIA founders


  • 12.8% IRR
    expected return to investors
  • 27%
    of investment from TIMIA founders

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