VANCOUVER, BC – May 5, 2020 – TIMIA Capital Corporation (“TIMIA” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:TCA/OTC: TIMCF) today announced a letter to shareholders from Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mike Walkinshaw.

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

Today, we find ourselves facing an unprecedented global crisis and our first priority is to ensure we are all taking the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe and contribute to overall effort to reduce the impact of COVID-19. Our thoughts go out to those touched by the pandemic and the workers on the front lines, we genuinely appreciate the important work that they do. While TIMIA has been fortunate to keep our operations running smoothly with all our team working from home, we appreciate that not everyone is in this same position.

The purpose of this letter is to provide an update on your Company’s progress and future plans. 2019 was a transformative year as we implemented several important changes to strengthen our business model and establish a leadership position in our sector. We have added to the management team and continue to focus on growth and shareholder value over the long term.

The Company continues to outperform based on most metrics.

Our 2019 Highlights include:

  • Revenue increased by 90% to $3,046,608
  • Assets grew by 90% to $27,107,384
  • TIMIA’s loan investment portfolio increased 123% to $21,596,037 compared to $9,680,390 in the prior year period
  • Raised $18,500,000 for the first limited partnership
  • Closed a lender finance arrangement totalling up to $7.5M to help fund growth in a warehouse format for future limited partnerships
  • Gross portfolio return on loans deployed in 2019 was an impressive 19.9%

The Company achieved record growth in revenue and assets under management for the third year in a row by leveraging our fintech platform and expanding our successful business model. Our reputation within the SaaS industry grows stronger with each successful loan facility of non-dilutive growth capital deployed, and we are experiencing an increase in referred business from our existing network of clients. Our fintech platform continues to aid with improved risk management and lower transaction costs, and as a result, we believe our portfolio of SaaS companies is well positioned.

The primary reason for our transformation and our continued success was the strategic decision to move from exclusively investing capital from our own balance sheet to including investment capital from managed limited partnerships. Extensive analysis by the board and management team indicated that raising capital through limited partnerships is the most likely pathway to maximize earnings per share for common shareholders.

Our strong performance over the past 4 years enabled the Company to attract $18.5M in limited partnership investments in 2019. Using investments from managed limited partnerships allows us to leverage our expertise and earn interest and other fees from investing in entrepreneurial growth companies, without significantly impacting the Company’s capital structure and causing material dilution to the common shareholders.

TIMIA intends to capitalize on the successful performance in 2019 by growing its assets under management through the creation of more limited partnerships.

More recently, we reported our first quarter of 2020 and again, achieved record results in the growth of the business. A few highlights as disclosed in the news release include:

First Quarter 2020 Highlights include:

  • Record revenue of $1,024,188, up 80% over the same period last year.
  • Total assets increased 105% to $30.0 million as at February 29, 2020 compared to the same time period last year. Cash balance, as part of assets, was $6.8 million.
  • Reported net income of $444,144, compared with a net loss of $255,480 for the same period last year. Included in the net income is a gain on sale
  • TIMIA’s loan investment portfolio (loans receivable) increased by 71% to $21,644,460 in comparison to the same period last year.

The outlook for the company continues to be positive. We are growing, investing and vigilantly watching the performance of our portfolio of exciting SaaS companies. As you can see from the revenue chart below, we have built a strong track record of growing the business.

As well, the recent creation of a preferred share class will provide an option, assuming satisfactory financing terms can be arranged, to facilitate the payout of the Company’s debentures as they mature, thus avoiding the conversion into common shares, reducing the interest burden, and potentially shortening the path to profitability.

2020 Team Changes

2019 was about positive financial growth but it also brought some unexpected and impactful sadness. Mr. Greg Smith, a co-founder of TIMIA, was diagnosed with ALS in early 2019. Greg has continued to work with TIMIA right through to Q2 2020. Greg’s primary role at TIMIA has been to build the “fintech machine” that delivers the loans that TIMIA funds. We are thankful that this machine is up and running and continuous improvement is ongoing. Greg is an exceptional person and we are fully supportive of his desire to spend more time with his family. Our best wishes are with him and his family at this time.

Rob Foxall, our VP of Origination, has been promoted into Greg’s place. Rob brings 8 years of experience in technology lending to TIMIA previously working at Espresso Capital. Rob has done an excellent job managing the pipeline since taking over in early December. We also hired Tyson Bracken, Sales Development Representative, to augment the team’s capability to push deals through our platform.

Outlook for 2020 and Covid Related Economic Downturn

As at February 29, 2020, the Company’s cash balance was approximately $6.8 million and working capital was approximately $3.9 million, compared with approximately $4.7 million and $4.6 million, respectively, as of November 30, 2019. The funds raised by the private placement of debentures, the limited partnership, co-investment agreements, access to the Company’s lender financing facility, and cash generated from the underlying portfolio are expected to provide the Company with enough funds to operate the business into 2021.

Management believes that recurring revenue software companies offer security and stability. The Company utilizes a proprietary credit scoring process that focuses on high customer retention rates as well as a well-diversified customer base. These two factors, along with other key attributes such as size and cash runway, are structured to provide downward protection in an uncertain economic environment. Many of our portfolio companies have been agile in this environment, including in many instances transitioning employees to work remotely. At this time, none of the Company’s investments are in arrears. However, it may be several months before the full effect of the economic slowdown is felt in the portfolio. Management is in the process of reviewing revised and updated forecasts for each of the portfolio companies and are working with them to determine the best way to support them through the crisis. Management has decided to increase the size of our capital reserves thereby reducing our allocation to new deals.

In closing, I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for our employees and shareholders of TIMIA. We are grateful for our team’s dedication and tremendous effort to continue to perform during these challenging times. We are also grateful for the continuing trust and support of our shareholders in our strategy and its potential for creation of value. We will do our utmost to build on the success of 2019 and realize our potential in 2020 and beyond.


Mike Walkinshaw
Chief Executive Officer
TIMIA Capital Corporation

About TIMIA Capital Corporation
TIMIA Capital Corporation is a specialty finance company that provides growth capital to technology companies in exchange for payments based on monthly revenue. This alternative financing option complements both debt and equity financing, while allowing entrepreneurs and existing stakeholders to retain ownership and control of their business. TIMIA’s focus is the fast growing, global, business-to-business Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) segment. We align ourselves with entrepreneurial management teams growing their sales from $1 Million to $10 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue. For more information about TIMIA Capital Corporation, please visit

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